Kamis, 10 November 2016

Linda Perkins

Orphan Phoebe, along with an attractive prince, cares for the king's birds in a strange, extraordinary aviary. But at his father's death, the prince leaves to assume his kingly duties and leaves his uncle in charge of the aviary. The uncle forces Phoebe to capture an unusual river flute, and Phoebe rescues a hunter who joins her search. But when she captures the enchanting, elusive bird only to free it, she explains, 'It is free now to return.' Upon their arrival at court, the prince's sinister uncle chastises Phoebe, but the hunter reveals himself as the prince. When he proposes marriage, Phoebe, like the flute, chooses freedom, and the prince realizes, 'Phoebe was free to return. And one day she might.' In dreamlike watercolor illustrations, lush, sylvan outdoor settings contrast with nightmarish, surrealistic court interiors. With folklore elements but contemporary sensibilities, this original story may resonate more with women, but spunky girls (and boys) will also appreciate Phoebe's resolute independence. Linda Perkins

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